Department of Molecular and Material Sciences


List of Laboratories

Department of Molecular and Material Sciences
Solid Surface Science
Surface Science
Theoretical Material Science
Functional and Structual Materials Science Theory of Functional Materials
Functional Inorganic Materials Chemistry
Structural Materials Science
Structural Science for Materials
Molecular Dynamics and Spectroscopy
Molecular Spectroscopy
Macromolecular Materials and Applications
Strength of Materials
Mechanics and Materials
Design of Functional Organic Molecules
Novel Structures in Organic Chemistry
Design of Advanced Organic Compounds
Organic and Organometallic Synthesis
Organometallic and Heteroatom Chemistry
Synthetic Methodology
Hybrid Matrial Science
Physical Polymer Science
Nanoscience and Nanotechnology of Nanostructured Materials
Development of Advanced Materials
Development of Advanced Materials
Global Innovation Center
New Energy
INAMORI Frontier Research Center
Solid State Ionics Engineering
Faculty of Arts and Science
Molecular Science
Center of Advanced Instrumental Analysis
Design and Analysis for Ceramics Nanostructure