W tip fabrication by field-assisted oxygen etching

FIM images observed during and after the field-assisted O2 etching of a W<111> tip. (a) FIM image of a hemispherical single-crystal W<111> tip prepared by field evaporation up to 4.40 kV from an electrochemically etched one. (b)–(e) FIM images captured from a real-time movie during the O2-etching reaction. Bias voltage was reduced from 4.40 kV to 1.61 kV. O2 gas was gradually shut off from (d) to (e). (f) A ball model of (e). (g) A side view of the schematic illustration of the etched tip.
=== Original papers ===
Field-assisted oxygen etching for sharp field-emission tip. Surf. Sci. 620 (2008) 2128-2134. 
Field emission from W tips sharpened by field-assisted nitrogen and oxygen etching. e-J. Surf. Sci. Nanotech. 6 (2008) 152-156. 
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